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We are working with creators, scientists and technologists to highlight, explore and investigate how deep immersive music positively impacts humanity. 

Bass frequencies are at the heart of our explorations.  

Deep, transformative, physical, vibrations.  

We are driven by a conviction that the transformational experiences people report from music are more than just subjective, fleeting aesthetic pleasure, but have real lasting value. We know ourselves from the communities that we build around music, that sharing these profound experiences with others is a powerful social connector. We believe music is the most universal and accessible tool we have to reach desired states of being. To be sustainable, as a species and as a planet. 

We want to break down the barriers between art, science and subculture. We are exploring these matters on multiple platforms, in multiple venues. In the laboratory, in the concert hall, in the park and in the studio; in conventional and unconventional spaces and places. 

We are currently working with partners at Cal State University-Northridge, IDOR Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), Ryerson University and a number of health and wellness practitioners on preliminary research ranging from stress reduction, to belongingness, to optimal immersive spaces. We are not simply exposing the creative and scientific worlds to one another but demonstrating that they can be part of one and the same process. Optimizing the connection between music and human is at the heart of our efforts. 

Our ambitions are open-ended, and our hopes are limitless. We strongly believe that a better understanding of the intense effects of deep immersive bass-focused music can drive social change: reminding us that we are all fragile individuals, that we are more the same than we are different, that we share the same experiences and the same Earth. 

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