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Affirmations For Creators By SHIVARASA

SHIVARASA is an Iranian-American L.A based producer, DJ and sound healer, infusing elements of global bass, electronic, Middle Eastern music, hip hop and ambient soundscapes into her work.

Her latest release features a beautiful soundscape coupled with I AM affirmations to boost focus for creators, high performers, and people with ADHD. As creators, these affirmations can not only increase our focus, but also support us in building confidence and resilience in our craft. Research confirms that certain neural pathways increase when we practice reciting affirmations. There are studies that prove the benefits of self-affirmations as a way to shape and maintain a strong self-identity.

Start or end your day with the affirmations below and let us know what you think!



Did you try the affirmations? Let us know @healthandbass :)


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