Bulletproof Biohacking Conference 2015

This weekend we were at the ‘Bulletproof Biohacking Conference‘  in Los Angeles with our friends at Neuromore. Famed cloud computing entrepreneur and Bulletproof caffeine hacker Dave Asprey created the conference to showcase the most cutting edge technologies designed to optimize human mental and physical performance.

We here at SUBPAC were really excited to integrate with Neuromore’s EEG (brain mapping) driven VR experiences which utilized users’ brain activity data to change visual aspects of the VR experience as they were experiencing it. This gave the users the ability to control aspects of their mind that are otherwise difficult to control, bringing about optimal states of well being and better real time awareness of behaviors they want to change. The possibilities around optimizing and retraining the mind and body with biofeedback and VR are enormous, and we’re proud to be in the thick of it with the visionary team at Neuromore.

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