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Claudio: Translating the Feeling into Sound

“Music has this unparalleled ability to take all of one’s pain, pull it into a single frame, and invite us to relive it with all the joy of the experience, and none of the suffering” - CLAUDIO

There are so many facets to the power of music. From its ability to transcend perceived barriers to its ability to promote healing within the body and mind, to its ability to inspire deep social bonds. Music is a gift and a power that continues to prove itself to extend beyond the scope of our human perception. One of the most compelling powers of music is its ability to convey emotions. Music can make us feel seen and understood, as if the producer, composer, or songwriter were creating a song as a direct reflection of our own personal experience.

“The songwriter has the ability to convert the emotional experience, the human experience, however transitory, and convert it into redeeming beauty long after the pain has passed.” - CLAUDIO

It is said that "music is what feelings sound like" (Georgia Cates). There is an art to translating a feeling into a sound. Certain sounds trigger emotions, and thus convey a specific message. In the following video, music Artist / Composer / Producer / Singer, CLAUDIO explains the art behind this creative process.

Rachel Claudio aka CLAUDIO is a Perth-born/European-based artist/composer/singer/producer and university lecturer. She works with major labels and composes scores for film and television.




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