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Feel It: Tactile Technology

Free image from NITISH GOSWAMI via Unsplash

“Music is both heard and felt”

Music is a universal language. We hear music but on a deeper level, we also feel it. Science and technology are just beginning to unlock and explore the power of the physical dimensions of sound.

Tactile and haptic technology are currently breaking the mold. Tactile technology is the integration of multi-sensory triggers within physical objects, creating real life touch interactions with technology. Haptic technology also focuses on touch interactions but is a simulated touch.

“Tactile sensation is especially pronounced for bass frequencies”

According to pubmed, “bass frequencies have been associated with enhanced bodily movement, time perception, and groove (the musical quality that compels movement), the underlying mechanism remains unclear”

“Findings suggest that bass felt in the body produces a multimodal auditory-tactile percept that promotes movement through the close connection between tactile and motor systems.”

SUBPAC is a patented tactile audio system that provides a new high-resolution immersive experience to all media- feel it. SUBPAC quietly and accurately transfers deep bass frequencies to create an immersive, physical, full-body experience.


Do you use tactile technology to help feel your music? Let us know @healthandbass :)

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1 Comment

Barrett Reece
Barrett Reece
Nov 06, 2021

no wonder us bass players make the world groove!!

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