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Human Connection to Sound + The Voice [Project Immersed: Sound As Freedom Recap]

On November 23, 2022, Project Immersed presented a very special episode entitled, 'Sound As Freedom Dialogue,' made in conjunction with Alchemic Sonic Environment. The episode was hosted by Satya Hinduja (Composer, Sound Artist, and Founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment). It featured an esteemed panel of guests, including Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (Founder / Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, Brainwave entrainment expert, Composer, Educator, Author, and Futurist) and Jill Purce (British Voice Teacher & Family Constellations Therapist).

At the start of the conversation, Satya posed the question, 'how can we use the transformative power of sound to build pathways of freedom in ourselves and our world?' This served as a launching pad from which the dialogue commenced. The panelists took the audience on a journey into a deeper understanding of the power of sound. They covered a range of topics, including the healing power of the voice, the human relationship to sound, and how sound can be used to create pathways to freedom. In case you missed the dialogue, we will identify some key moments and takeaways in this article. You can catch the full recap of the episode on the Project Immersed YouTube channel.

Human connection to sound

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson began the conversation by highlighting some of the ways in which human beings are connected to sound. When we move beyond music and strip down to the level of raw sound frequencies, we find that specific frequencies can influence human beings in several ways, from influencing organ function, the state of the autonomic nervous system, and more. He goes on to share how we are all "born into sound" as sound is one of the first things we experience while in the womb. Human connection to sound is a subject matter that continues to be explored as more information becomes available.


Most of us experience music audibly as sound travels through the medium of air to reach our ears. In this dialogue, Satya informs us that sound travels through other mediums as well, including water and even bone conduction. With these mediums come new ways of experiencing music and sound, including listening with the body. She underscores the importance of exploring these new tools for listening and engaging the human voice as a deeper way to connect with the power of sound and music.

Reclaiming the Voice

Pioneering British Voice Teacher, Jill Purce shares her approach to helping people reclaim their voice and shares ways in which sound can be used as a tool for deeper presence. This uncovered a deeper topic in the conversation of the ways in which music and sound have become overtaken by professional musicians, vocalists, and artists. The dialogue reveals the importance of remembering the human connection to sound and empowering all people to sing and create, as it is integral to who we are as humans.

The Voice as a Healing Tool

One of the conversation's biggest takeaways was the importance and power of the human voice. The conversation uncovered how we as a society have abandoned our connection to the voice, as it has become something that is left only to professional vocalists and singers. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson uncovers the significance of the voice, as it is as unique to each of us as our fingerprint.

"The ultimate healing tool for any one person is their voice"

- Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Music is For Everyone

Another key takeaway from this dialogue was the notion that music is for everyone. As mentioned, we are living in a time where music and sound have been reserved for those who consider themselves professionals; however, singing and sound are innate to all human beings. This conversation reminded us of the importance of music and singing as a human birthright.

For more information, please check out the full replay of the Sound As Freedom Dialogue on the Project Immersed YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more conversations from Project Immersed on the transformative power of sound and music.


What was your favorite moment from the Sound As Freedom Dialogue? Let us know @healthandbass :)

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