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Humming for Health

Sound, in its essence, is vibration. Vibration is a powerful healing force as different vibratory frequencies can influence the mind and body. Advances in vibroacoustic technologies (such as SUBPAC) have unlocked new dimensions in our relationship with sound, by allowing users to feel the music in its vibrational essence. These vibrational technologies are not only deepening the music listening experience but also making strides in fields of health and wellness.

While vibroacoustic technologies serve as amazing tools to deepen one’s connection to music and sound, we can all cultivate vibration naturally within our bodies. The simple act of humming works to create a vibration within our entire being. Research confirms that cultivating vibration naturally in this way can promote well-being.

“From ancient times humming has been used in several schools of yoga and meditation, especially in Tibet. Humming and chants have been used by mystics and spiritual teachers for meditation since they were well aware of the healing powers of this sound.”

Humming’s effectiveness is due to the fact that it stimulates the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is one of twelve cranial nerves that play vital roles in human body functioning. Other cranial nerves include the olfactory nerve responsible for our sense of smell, the optic nerve responsible for our sense of vision, the facial nerve responsible for the movement of our facial muscles, and others. The human voice (larynx) is connected to the vagus nerve and therefore, humming and singing work to stimulate it.

The vagus nerve is a long, critical nerve that wanders from your brain all the way down your neck, chest and abdomen, connecting the brain stem to the body. Subsequently, it's associated with a host of different physical functions including swallowing, taste, digestion and heart rate. Activating this nerve basically tells your brain all is well, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to relax you.

There are many ways to use the practice of humming to cultivate inner wellness. Simply humming one of your favorite tunes is a great way to stimulate the vagus nerve as well as self-soothe due to the freedom and emotional response. For optimal effects, many will combine humming with meditation. “Research has shown that humming with awareness creates chemical changes in the body, particularly in the brain and helps to cease the conflict between the body and mind. A lot of energy is saved when your body and mind are in harmony and hence you will never feel tired or exhausted when you are humming.”

Some of the benefits of humming include it’s grounding and centering effects, improvement of airflow in sinuses, promotes mental clarity, regulates breathing, calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, revitalizes the cells of the body and more.



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