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Immersed Go Deeper Mix Series: Debbie Doe

Next up in the Immersed Go Deeper Mix Series: Debbie Doe!

Debbie Doe is an electronic musician, 3D sound designer based in Montreal.

Her mix is titled "Un passage"

A listening experience designed for headphones. Using 3D/ambisonic recordings of nature and perspectival spaces. Close your eyes. Try to listen to the details while being in the moment.

In order to grasp the relationship of the sounds and perceive them as they pass. A sense of presence shall envelop you, and as your memory moves quickly and time narrows, you will be moved in one direction.

Immersed is a global series around music, health and technology. Each episode we bring together a mix of artists, scientists, practitioners and technologists to explore how deep immersive music and sound can optimally impact us, individually and collectively.

Immersed is presented by StudioFeed - the not for profit arm of SUBPAC.


Did you enjoy the mix? Let us know @healthandbass :)


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