Music And The Brain: the SMART Lab

Why do you listen to music? If you are like thousands of other Canadians, your answer may lie in music's perceived ability to regulate your mood - to cheer you up or to calm you down. But is it possible that waves traveling through the air actually hold this awesome power, the power to influence how you are feeling?

One group of researchers in Toronto is trying to find out.

The SMART Lab is an interdisciplinary research team based out of Ryerson University that are concerned with questions at the intersection of mind, music and technology. In this study, researchers conduct a study to answer that most fundamental question: is music truly effective in regulating our mood and if so, what types of music are most effective in regulating how we feel?

We want to hear from you. Join the discussion below and tell us why you listen to music.

To learn more about this research visit the SMART Lab online at:

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