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[Playlist] Nature Sounds

In a previous article, we uncovered the ways in which noise can be harmful to human health. From increased risk of cardiovascular disease to heart failure, we learned that the noises of our cities and towns can gravely influence our health. Due to the urbanization of cities, the average persons every day soundscapes are infiltrated by the noise of aircrafts, traffic, construction, etc., all of which can have a significantly negative impact on health when exposed over time.

In an effort to combat the harm done by our noisy soundscapes, we can counter the noise with enriching sounds with health inflicting frequencies. Some of the most natural and readily available healing soundscapes come from nature and consist of the natural sounds of the earth. From the sound of waves crashing to birds chirping or the sounds of the amazon jungle, nature is rich with healing soundscapes. In an effort to inspire listening to healing soundscapes, we created a playlist for you filled with nature sounds.



Do you listen to nature sounds to help you feel relaxed? Let us know at @healthandbass :)

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