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PLAYLIST: Breathwork

Breathwork is proven method for relieving stress and inducing a sense of relaxation. Research confirms that breathing has a strong influence on heart rate variability. It has also been described as an interface for voluntary control of the autonomic nervous system. Because of this, breath regulation can be a useful tool for slowing one's heart rate and inducing a state of relaxation or deeper awareness.

Breath regulation can be achieved through conscious control or with the help of an external stimulus. Music is often used as an external stimulus in conjunction with breathwork, as music has also been scientifically proven as a useful tool for relieving stress and calming the heart rate. When coupled together, music and breath regulation can become a powerful tool for healing.

Music creators are intentionally working to craft the sounds that can assist listeners in utilizing their breath to cultivate personal healing. From magical sonic journeys to instructional rhythmic breathing tracks, creators from all over the world are using their creativity to foster health and well-being.

We made a playlist for you featuring a range of tracks from creators working to create well-being through sound and the breath. Enjoy this selection featuring tracks from creators like SHIVARASA, being-sound, TILL△, and more!

Check our latest playlist: BREATHWORK

To further your practice, we invite you to utilize this video as a tool for breath regulation. This visual can be used with, or without music, and is intended to assist you in creating a steady and consistent breathing pattern.


Do you utilize sound and breath regulation as a practice for relieving stress? Let us know @healthandbass :)

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