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[PLAYLIST] Focus + Flow

To kick off the new year, we made a new playlist to help you cultivate focus and flow. Tune in to this hour-long selection of songs featuring mellow instrumental tracks. Studies show that music can be a great aid in cultivating focus and concentration. Here’s a few reasons why:

Music boosts memory

Listening to music can be a great tool for improving your memory. This can be very helpful when we need to study, as music can help us more easily remember the content we need to absorb.

(Source: Study International)

Music reduces stress and anxiety

When we work or study, oftentimes our stress levels can be very high. Listening to music is a great way to help ease stress and anxiety, and improve our mood overall.

(Source: Study International)

Music helps improve brain function

Studies show that music can help to improve overall cognitive performance.

(Source: Study International)


Did you enjoy this playlist? Let us know @healthandbass :)

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