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[PLAYLIST] Sleep Sounds


Our recent blog article uncovers some of the ways in which sleep is crucial not only for our health but also to support our creativity. Understanding the importance of sleep and the role it plays in our health has inspired an emerging trend in the music industry, with artists exploring the realm of sleep health. Music creators are crafting soul-soothing melodies and calming tunes that can help us drift off into a peaceful slumber, proving that music is not only an art form but also a powerful tool for positively influencing health and wellness.

In the quest to craft sleep-inducing melodies, artists like Jhené Aiko and Tom Middleton are experimenting with various elements of music, including tempo, rhythm, and instrumentation. Slow, soothing melodies with gentle, repetitive patterns have proven to be particularly effective in lulling listeners into a state of tranquility. Some creators even incorporate natural sounds, like gentle rain or rustling leaves, to add an extra layer of relaxation to their compositions.

Innovative creators like Award-Winning Music Composer and Wellness Music Pioneer, Tom Middleton are exploring the concept of brainwave entrainment, where the brain synchronizes its electrical activity to external stimuli, such as music beats. By using specific beats per minute (BPM) and carefully crafted compositions, these artists aim to influence brainwave patterns and guide listeners into deeper states of relaxation and sleep.

To make their sleep-focused music even more effective, some artists are collaborating with sleep experts, therapists, and psychologists. These partnerships ensure that the music aligns with evidence-based practices and incorporates elements that promote healthy sleep habits.

Music streaming platforms are supporting these sleep-inducing tunes to reach a wider audience. Some people even curate playlists specifically designed for sleep, making it easier for listeners to access the therapeutic benefits of these melodies.

To encourage the development of a consistent sleep schedule, Team Health & Bass has curated a playlist for you.

This playlist features soothing sounds from artists like Jhené Aiko and Tom Middleton to support you when you need help falling asleep 💤


Do you listen to artists making sleep music? Let us know @healthandbass



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