SUBPAC Sound Meditation', Shambhala Festival

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

FreQ Nasty took his ‘Yoga Of Bass’ side project to Canada’s legendary Shambhala Festival bringing along with him 25 Wearable SUBPAC M2’s. “Thats a truckload of bass right there – a little over-kill for a Yoga workshop?” you might ask. But this wasn’t a run of the mill Yoga class. It was part of a new and unique sound and music meditation experience using SUBPAC’s Tactile Audio technology.

Using both headphones and the SUBPAC the audience are immersed in both audio and the physical dimension of sound which is delivered via the SUBPAC, a new vibration based speaker system that makes no noise. The experience is designed to help bring the audience (tactience? Feelience?) to a deep state of focus and relaxation, allowing the music to release deep held negative physical and mental patterns that aren’t easily accessible to the conscious mind, but are much more susceptible to the non conceptual persuasion of music.

Setting up in the oasis like ‘Living Room stage’ space beside Shambhala’s  “beach” (a river that runs thru the festival site) and nestled amongst the Canadian evergreen mountain trees, groups of 25 people at a time were led thru a 15 minute music and Physical Audio meditation experience. The sound and music draw on the music of sacred traditions from around the world but blended with deep, body massaging sub bass all curated  by FreQ Nasty especially for this Yoga Of Bass tour. By their own description some audience members were brought to tears, others laughter and joy, and some just brought closer to the selves they want to be in that moment.

The Yoga Of Bass Sound Meditation experience is designed to unite the modern technology based world with the ancient world of Nada Yoga (or sound healing/meditation practices) into a coherent whole,  allowing westerners to use music and prayer in a way that speaks to both the profound truth of time honored mystic traditions, and to the contemporary music art and culture that we live amongst today. To find out more go to: or

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