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The Brain + Bass Part II

The Brain + Bass Part II
The Brain + Bass Part II

The brain naturally functions on rhythm. Regardless of whether or not we are listening to music, our brains are rhythmic by nature. Brainwaves move at different rhythmic patterns depending on what we are doing or thinking. For example when you are in a state of deep focus, your brain will produce gamma waves which are quick and rhythmic electrical pulses. When you are in a state of relaxation, your brain will fire alpha waves which are slower rhythmic pulses.

These rhythms allow us to function in the ways that we do as humans. According to Nathan Urban, Neuroscientist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, ”the internal cadences of the brain and nervous system appear to play an important role in everything from walking to thinking.”

We teamed up with Brain.FM to give away FREE licenses to their science based app that features custom music specifically designed to stimulate your brain to optimize focus, productivity, and rest. Follow the instructions below to enter:


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