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The World Is Sound [Young Guru Recap]

In the final episode of the season, Project Immersed featured a very special one-on-one dialogue with a music industry legend. Young Guru is a Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer, DJ, Educator, and Music Executive. He is best known for his long-time collaborative work with rapper Jay Z, tracking and mixing his legendary flows for the past 15+ years. Many know Guru for his genius behind the boards as an audio engineer. Still, few get the chance to hear his unfiltered dialogue on the power of sound in a metaphysical sense. In this extraordinary episode, Guru and host Tyler Cymone took a deep dive into the influence of sound on humanity beyond the layers of sonic enjoyment and uncovered some of the ways in which the world is sound.

Sound + Wellness

"Sound can be used to heal, and that's just a proven fact" - Young Guru

Sound has been used to heal for thousands of years. It is an ancient and sacred practice that has become lost in human history. In modern times, people are intuitively returning to sound as an alternative healing method, and scientists are verifying its power. Young Guru shares his knowledge about the use of sound for wellness and breaks it down to the power of vibration and frequency. Learn more in the following clip from the episode...

Vibration + Frequency

'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' - Nikola Tesla

From a Physics standpoint, everything in existence is the result of vibration. Everything that we see and experience, even that which appears to be solid, is the result of vibrating particles of sound and light. Young Guru shares his fascination with physics and the principle of vibration to kick off the conversation. He does so in a way that blends his expertise in audio with metaphysics, as audio engineers work directly with sound waves to record and mix the music we all love and enjoy. He shares his respect for the ancient Vedic expression, "Nada Brahma," which means "all is sound" or "sound is God," and emphasizes that without vibration, there is no existence.

After establishing the significance of frequency and vibration, the moderator shifts the focus to low-frequency sound and bass. As humans, we all love bass. We love to feel the vibration that it creates in our bodies. However, in a metaphysical and spiritual sense, 'low frequency' has been assigned a negative connotation to mean something bad or evil. Tyler Cymone poses the question to Young Guru on the true meaning and influence of low-frequency sound and bass. In his response, he breaks down the reasons why bass feels so good and shares that it is because of the length of the wave it creates. Bass frequencies are long-standing sound waves that can literally wrap around the human body, creating a feeling unlike other sounds. The connotation of bad and evil has more to do with the intention behind the sound or words being used over the sound. This is explained further in the video clip below...


Intention is an important component in the music creation process that often gets overlooked. In this dialogue, Guru and Tyler brought this to the forefront and shared the importance of intention when creating songs. We are currently living in a time where there is a lot of violence in the hip-hop music community, and Tyler asked Guru if he thinks the music plays a role. Hear his response and thoughts on the importance of intention in the clip below...


The influence of sound extends far beyond the music we all know and love. Sound has a powerful and sacred effect on all things, as, in a way, it is the true essence of all things. Conversations like this help us to more deeply understand the importance and power of sound so that we can be mindful of some of the ways in which the music we listen to is influencing us, as well as more intentional in the music creation process. We look forward to future conversations where we can continue to shine a light on creators who are blazing the trail with this knowledge.


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