Transformative Technology Conference

On October 2nd and 3rd we attended the Transformative Technology Conference in Palo Alto, California along with an international group of cutting edge technology companies that see a vision of the future where technology will directly and intentionally add to the sum total of human well being.

Our ‘Bass Love’ installation, set up in the exhibitors hall, was inspired by a conversation with ‘Consciousness Hacking’ and TTC founder Mikey Seigel.  A real time communal exploration of the physical feeling of the human heartbeat, it used an array of SUBPACs to allow multiple users to simultaneously experience the felt aspect of the human heartbeat as transferred live via an electronic stethoscope. It gave the phrase ‘making a heart connection’  a radically new and literal meaning and provoked a variety of emotional responses from wonderment to shock as users experienced the human heart in a way previously only possible in the womb.”

As a host of wearable, consumer priced EEG products (brainwave measurement devices) hit store shelves, the possibility of using them alongside a SUBPAC to FEEL our mental states in real time and so adjust our behavior accordingly has become a reality. The Consciousness Hacking, Optimal Well being and the Quantified Self movements are all now looking at how to use technology to remap brain input and output to create positive mental feedback loops and allow previously unthinkably subtle level of interaction between the user and the technology in their world.

Music Producer and DJ FreQ Nasty was repping us there hosting a breakout group discussing the transformative power of music and how we can use technology like the SUBPAC to increase the efficacy of musics’ well documented positive effects on the human mind and body.Who knows, maybe one day soon your first port of call for wellness won’t be a doctor but a small wearable EEG band and an app on your smartphone. Exciting possibilities like this continue to be explored – watch this space.

Paypal founder Luke Nosek’s presentation; ‘What Are We Transforming Into'”.

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