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PAIN! We all seem to know someone with a chronic illness; cancer, fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis, dementia, insomnia, mental health struggles…. These are commonly known ailments showing that people are living with 'dis-ease' in their bodies. Vibroacoustic therapy realigns and re-balances, re-calibrates and literally enlivens the energetic body. Casual users report it to be a very relaxing and energising experience. But when used for a person in pain, with the right frequency and intent it seems to have really positive results with a variety of injuries and chronic conditions. It appears to be quite well known in Scandinavia; not so much in the UK.

Vibroacoustic therapy is a low frequency sound massage often used for chronic conditions and pain. Clients lie on a bed or sit in a chair fitted with special low frequency transducers and experience gently pulsing sine wave tones. Vibroacoustics uses frequencies from around 30 – 120 hZ, basically low bass frequencies. I’ve been interested in VAT for six years and have recently been using a SUBPAC S2 to get mobile and deliver Vibes to the people.

How do I work?

I am a musician and a meditation teacher, with an interest in energy therapy research; all these have helped me to develop the service Vibes offers. I have come to learn that the client’s awareness of his or her own body is my guide in choosing different frequencies with them, listening to them and encouraging them to listen to themselves in sessions. Then I step out and let the vibroacoustic files do their thing for half an hour or so. Sessions are usually an hour. I am absolutely not medically trained but I do have background knowledge in psychology, music, special education and meditation.

Before the flood

Before our place was flooded in November 2017 I had a treatment room set up with a big comfy and immersive vibroacoustic bed – with 4 transducers and a big amp to drive them; luxurious but not very portable. Looking to replace equipment lost in the flood I saw the SUBPAC was used for music and wondered if it could be used to solve an evolutionary step for vibroacoustic therapy. There are really big barriers to those that need vibroacoustic therapy (mobility, transport, cost)- how to get to people who might need this? This is the genius of SUBPAC – with my phone and the S2 in the backpack I can bring Vibes to the people. If I add my laptop I can also write a brief case report too.

For me using the SUBPAC with the Vibes frequencies is like a mobile charger for the body - you can get an energetic uplift wherever and whenever.

I saw prison officer Nick on 27th December 2018; he couldn’t even walk, he looked like he was moving with pain. This shocked me because he’s a fit guy, ex-military and always keeping himself in shape. It emerged that he has a herniated lumbar disc which every now and again flares up and disables him. Whenever someone is in pain I tell them about vibroacoustics and he was ready to try anything. A couple days later I brought the SUBPAC and my phone to see him and an hour later he was feeling much better, he said he could feel the pulsing going down the nerves in his leg and tension leaving his body. After a couple more sessions he was running! Now he’s back to training and his back is still fine. See Nick’s account here.

“A very intensive deep tissue massage – without the discomfort” - Paul

Paul is a sound designer and had just had surgery to tighten up some bolts in his leg – and was feeling tender and expecting a couple of days of heavy pain meds (which he doesn’t like taking). Again with the SUBPAC he experienced a couple of the files; with a very positive reaction – no pain killers for him. He described it as very surprising and doesn’t think it’s placebo; it seemed to have loosened and gently massaged. A couple of days I checked back with him and it was the same story; massively reduced discomfort, NO painkillers and he’s a fan. This was last summer and Paul now uses the SUBPAC occasionally to keep ‘limber’ and to be able to walk further; see Paul’s testimonial here.

Some people are skeptical when they learn that this therapy is just bass frequencies – no chemicals, radiation, electromagnetic field or special light.

I aim to take this forward and raise the profile of Vibroacoustic Therapy in the UK, working with organisations like Health & Bass, SUBPAC, and anyone who can see the potential and believes in the possibility that bass frequencies can help shift people into an higher order. Imagine communities with easy access to vibroacoustics; the nursing home, the special school, the wellness centre…..

James Fraser

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