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Vibroacoustic Stress Reduction

From our friends at the CSUN Institute for Community, Health and Wellbeing:

"Our study utilizing innovative SubPac technology investigates other impacts of vibro-acoustic, sound healing experiences on psychological wellbeing, particularly among college students. The SubPac is a device that may be attached to a chair or portable in the form of a vest. It allows the user to not only hear music that can aide in reducing stress and promoting wellbeing, but also allows them to feel the music through vibrations. This form of healing is referred to as vibroacoustic music therapy. This study seeks to explore the impact of music on wellbeing with the addition of a vibroacoustic component. Through the use of a SubPac technology, which uses tactile transducers to produce vibrations throughout the body, music + vibroacoustic experience is explored as a stress reduction, and mindfulness enhancing modality."


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