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immerse(d) Mix Series: Felicia Lush

Next in the immerse(d) mix series is a live set by Felicia Lush!

A note from the Creator:

I recently received an incredible gift from the Universe where I was invited to join a ceremony involving plant medicine to assist in healing and nurturing my soul.

Upon returning from the astral and landing softly back to ground, I was compelled to create this set.

When I played back the recording to myself, it became very clear that I had recreated my experience from the night before using sound. Love, fear, light, darkness, and deep compassion poured through me in that ceremony and now that journey resonates here in The Butterfly In The Room.

Special thanks to Ramya Flo for transcending us with her beautiful guided meditation, taken from her Season's of Women Workshop + featured within this set.

Felicia Lush Q+A:

How does love feel?

What does life feel like right now?

How does your spark/creative inspiration feel right now?

Music + Links:


immerse(d) is a digital online series dedicated to bringing together artists, scientists, practitioners and technologists to explore how deep immersive music and sound can optimally impact us, individually and collectively.

Tune in to our next show! more info at:


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