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immersed Digital Series 06: Sound as Medicine

"Music is in itself medicine, it has always been therapeutic."

- Matias Kamelman

immersed returns with another insightful conversation around the healing power of sound. In this episode, SUBPAC Founder & CEO John Alexiou was joined by an all-star panel of guests, each making waves in the sound therapy space. The panel included:

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Composer | Artist | Producer

James Fraser - Vibes Vibroacoustic Ltd.

Lyz Cooper - Founder: British Academy of Sound Therapy

Matias Kamelman - Creator of Conscious Listening Method

SHIVARASA - Producer | DJ

Each guest shared their story of how they found their way into the world of sound therapy and the transformative findings they have unlocked in the process. Both SHIVARASA and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith discovered the healing power of sound by first healing themselves from serious health issues. From this empowered space, they now incorporate this healing energy into the music they make for others. SHIVARASA shared some of this with us in a powerful live performance that immediately followed the panel.

Lyz Cooper also healed herself with the power of sound. In her desire to train as a sound therapist, she found no programs available in the UK back in the '90s. Lyz went on to travel and learn from various shamanic healers and ultimately cultivated her technique. She returned to the UK to become the Founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy - one of the first sound therapy schools in the UK.

James Fraser has a background in music, as well as a Ph.D. in Psychology. He has combined his experience to help introduce and facilitate Vibroacoustic Therapy to people in the UK who suffer from disabilities and chronic ill health. Vibroacoustic Therapy works by transferring healing low-frequency tones through the body while laying on a specially designed bed. These vibrations promote healing at the cellular level and have proven effective for many who have tried the technology.

Matias Kamelman holds a wealth of knowledge on how sound can help us heal on a physical level. He is the creator of a powerful technique called the Conscious Listening Method, which prompts us to become more aware of how we listen to the world around us. He also uses sound in the form of binaural beats to facilitate brainwave entrainment to help people "let go" and more easily slip into more relaxed states of consciousness - profoundly shifting their frequency.

The showcase closed with an incredible live set from the talented SHIVARASA, as she immersed the audience in ambient waves of healing sounds optimized with SUBPAC.

Stay tuned for the next immersed showcase to unlock further and highlight the healing powers of sound.

"We're all our own kind of music therapist."

- Lyz Cooper

Do you use sound as medicine? Let us know -- and let's work together:

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