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immersed Mix Series: Pheek

Immersed is a global event series around music, health and technology. Each episode they bring together artists, scientists, practitioners and technologists to explore how deep immersive music and sound can optimally impact us, individually and collectively.

Next up in the immersed mix series, where they ask artists to take us on an intimate journey to self through sound: Pheek!

Enjoy this beautiful selection titled, "The Healing Path"

Notes from the Creator:

"I recorded this one shot, live on a very difficult day. In 1998, I first started having panic attacks. The only thing that would help would be to sit and listen to ambient music. It would bring me to life. I think that after all that time of making music, the ultimate goal would be to make music to soothe me.
In 2016 when my father passed away, I recorded music everyday for 8 months. It kept me sane and I ended up making a 2h long ambient album that was a first catharsis. Today I feel will be listening to this with a positive memory. I find that I explored from subtle spaces to more intense moments."

We caught up with Pheek to get an exclusive interview. We asked questions and requested that he respond with song / music. Check out his answers below!

Where are you from? - respond with a song that sounds / feels like home

What does life feel like right now?

What does success feel like to you?

What is a song or sound you can't live without?

Name a song or sound that changed your life

How does your spark/creative inspiration feel right now?

What was the spark/ignite point for this set?

If stillness had a sound, what would it be?

Tune in next Thursday, November 11th for a livestream panel discussion with Immersed on Feeling Sound: Accessibility + Connectivity featuring Solo Percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie, Ruth Montgomery (Founder and Artistic Director of Audiovisability), and Nathan Geering (Chief Executive of The Rationale Method).


Immersed is presented by StudioFeed - the not for profit arm of SUBPAC.


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