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The Brain + Bass

The Brain + Bass- Health & Bass- SUBPAC
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“Virtually all people will respond more to the beat when it is carried by lower-pitched instruments.” - Dr. Laurel Trainor

When we listen to music, we intuitively respond by moving along with the beat. Why is this the case? According to Neuroscience News, “new research led by Western Sydney University’s MARCS Institute suggests the reason could be related to the way our brain processes low-frequency sounds.”

“The study, published in PNAS, recorded the electrical activity of volunteers’ brains while they listened to rhythmic patterns played at either low or high-pitched tones. The study found that while listening, volunteer’s brain activities and the rhythmic structure of the sound became synchronized – particularly at the frequency of the beat.
Co-author of the paper, Dr. Sylvie Nozaradan from the MARCS Institute, say these findings strongly suggest that the bass exploits a neurophysiological mechanism in the brain – essentially forcing it to lock onto the beat.”

More on the science behind why it really is all about the bass:


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