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The Listening Passport Project

Justin Wiggan is an artist working at the frontiers of arts and public intervention. His work is described as ground-breaking, and he has been cited as the most exciting artist in the UK's art and health scene.

The Listening Passport Project is a well-being intervention tool for people to assign positivity to sounds that surround them during the Covid 19 isolation period. This is a creative well-being tool allowing for the user to reengage and reassess through focused listening tasks with their own sonic environment by challenging a new point of listening and identifying sounds that they can value as hopeful and positive.

We all have unique sounds in our own homes, ones which may have surrounded us for years. But how many have we really taken the time to listen to and give value to? How many contribute to our own happiness? What about sounds that we may not have noticed before social distancing measures were put in place? In this unique situation we now have the time to be sonic detectives in our own homes. Consider : the relaxing hum of your fridge, the way the tap squeaks when it is turned off, the toy box being opened quickly, Lego being spilt, the slide of the bedroom window, our loved one walking in a room above us, the owl that moves near the house at 2am, the birds that now seem more active since we are indoors, the small tree in the garden who’s leaves are rustling.

The goal is to create a massive artist and public collaboration which will become a historic document for the future.

To learn more about the project, you can visit the website:

You can also follow the official instagram page: @thelisteningpassport Please email any contributions to Justin Wiggan :

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