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R e f l e c t

R e f l e c t is an installation that explores the notion of self through a multi-sensory experience. A mirror traditionally provides only visual representation for the user. In the case of R e f l e c t, a camera housed in a mirror will turn visual representation into a sonic one through the process of sonification. As a person looks into the mirror, movement and expression are tracked and converted into sound and vibration creating a 'sonic self portrait.' The aim is to create a deeply tangible exploration of of identity that can be experienced by those with and without complex disabilities.

Sonification is the process of turning data into sound and in the case of this installation, the pixels from a live video feed with be the catalyst to generate sound. A camera housed and hidden within a large mirror takes a live video feed and turns that feed into synthesis. That synthesis can be then heard on headphones or through loud speakers. The synthesis is then turned into haptic feedback from the use of a SUBPAC. Each time a person moves in front of the mirror the sound changes in correspondence.

Matthew DF Evans is a Birmingham based sound artist and musician focused on making sound and music through data. Evans is currently a Visiting Tutor and Doctoral Researcher at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire exploring pixel data sonification. The installation is at TouchBase Pears Birmingham (a pioneering, multi-purpose centre for the whole community in Birmingham and beyond) from August 5th-30th. Learn more:


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