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Frequencies + The Body

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“The human body is a symphony of sounds. Every chakra, every organ, every bone, every tissue, every cell has its own resonant frequency, its own sound. However, when an organ is out of time or out of tune with the rest, then the entire body is affected. This harmony leads to states of disease and disintegration. In this frequency plays an important role to identify the actual problem in the human body.” (Amit Sharma, Awadhesh Kumar Maurya; International Journal Of Electrical, Electronics And Data Communication)

Everything vibrates. On a quantum level, everything is vibrating at various frequencies. These vibrations influence our life in subtle yet profound ways. Our bodies omit frequency even when in a state of rest and are deeply influenced by the frequencies in our everyday environment. Science is beginning to explore and understand the role of vibration and frequency in our bodies as well as how it applies to our health.

“According to Bruce Tainio (researcher and founder of Tainio technology) … the healthy human body resonates at a frequency of 62-78 MHz, and disease starts when the frequency drops to 58 MHz.” (Khaled Hamlaoui, Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms in Pushchino, Russia)

Sound healers use their knowledge of vibration to promote health and wellbeing within the body, mind, and spirit. This is possible through the Theory of Resonance which demonstrates that "all things in our universe are constantly in motion, in process. Even objects that appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at specific frequencies. So all things are actually processes. Resonance is a specific type of motion, characterized by synchronized oscillation between two states." (Tam Hunt and Jonathan W. Schooler; The Easy Part of the Hard Problem: A Resonance Theory of Consciousness)

Through the use of resonance theory, a sound practitioner can influence the frequencies of the human body and mind to stimulate wellbeing and healing. This occurs by playing sounds that oscillate at a particulate frequency in an effort to synchronize with the frequency of the body. It is said that the use of frequency and vibration as modes of healing dates back to the times of Ancient Greece and Egypt. However, modern science is just beginning to confirm the healing implications of various frequencies in the modern world.

"Resonance/sync is a tendency for different processes to move together – to oscillate – at the same or similar frequency." (Tam Hunt and Jonathan W. Schooler; The Easy Part of the Hard Problem: A Resonance Theory of Consciousness)

The Human Body + Frequencies

As previously stated, everything vibrates. The human body is no different. Interestingly enough, each organ has its own optimal frequency range. When the frequencies of our body interact with the frequencies in our environment, they can have either a healing or weakening effect on our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The following table was extracted from the International Journal Of Electrical, Electronics And Data Communication which states, “it is confirmed that every organ has its own frequency-based spectrum but according to analysis the frequency of the human body is not stable; it varies on some parameters like environmental, physically fitness, etc. There are many parameters in which the body organs change their frequency in a specific range. Every organ of a body is linked to another organ.”

Amit Sharma and Awadhesh Kumar Maurya

There are specific frequencies that are known to have a positive effect on the human body.

For example:

The Power of 40Hz

40Hz is a low-frequency sound wave. Listening and feeling (with SUBPAC) this frequency has been proven to promote healing in the human mind and body. According to Scientific American, “Bathing patients in flashing light and pulsing sounds both tuned to a frequency of 40 hertz might reverse key signs of Alzheimer’s in the brain.”

There is also a plethora of research to support 40Hz healing influence on patients with Parkinson’s disease as well as patients who experience chronic pain.

Healing Frequencies

Specific frequencies produce specific effects in the human body and mind. While 40Hz has shown promising effects towards Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, and chronic pain, other frequencies have been proven to produce other healing effects. Some examples include:

  • Stroke recovery therapy

  • Decreased pain perception

  • Increased neurogenesis

  • Enhancement of physical rehab and acupuncture

  • Cancer treatment

For more information on the therapeutic influences of frequencies on the human body, check out our previous blog post, Resonant Frequencies of the Body.



What frequencies do you use to promote well-being? Let us know :)

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mAy chAn
mAy chAn
Mar 06

sorry if im asking the stupid question... why the human body frequency in MHz while the organ in Hz ? is it the body frequency sum up the entire organ frequency ?

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